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HiKR Ground Brand Identity & Application System

Client // SM Culture&Contents

Scope of Works // Identity Design and Application System Design

Location // Seoul, Korea

Date // July, 2022

Identity Design // Bruder​

Application System Design // RSTR​

RSTR S-30.jpg
RSTR S-24.jpg
RSTR S-03.jpg
RSTR S-40.jpg
RSTR S-11.jpg
RSTR S-28.jpg
RSTR S-12.jpg
RSTR S-17,19.jpg
RSTR S-15.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-18.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-19.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-20.jpg
HiKR Identity clothes.jpg
HiKR Identity.jpg
RSTR ID-01.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-08.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-12.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-13.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-14.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-16.jpg
HiKR Ground Identity_-17.jpg
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